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Our 'Dogs for Good' sponsored Pup, Declan!

Fri 08 Mar 2024

Our 'Dogs for Good' sponsored Pup, Declan!

An update from his socialiser!

"Declan has seamlessly settled into our household and has easily become a cherished
member of the family.

He's a very playful pup and never fails to bring smiles to our faces, especially when his ears flap away when he's in full sprint mode.
Recently, we've had a few trips out to the shops including a lovely visit to Pets at Home, where Declan happily selected some toys and treats to bring home.

We also enjoyed a lovely visit to the Malverns, where we took a leisurely walk up the trail – until the rain intervened, that is! Declan is not a fan of the rain.
Additionally, we had the pleasure of visiting Wells Cathedral, where Declan's calm
demeanour and impeccable behaviour were evident.

Declan has been making impressive strides with his socialising and training and is
particularly skilled with his recall abilities. We're confident that he's on track to excel as an assistance dog".

"I have dealt with Anker on 2 occasions now on a property purchase and a sale, both times they have been great to work with and very professional. Everyone at the office was helpful, phones are always answered and you can expect a quick response to any queries. Thanks to Jeremy & Marie especially for keeping me informed and answering any questions throughout the process"
Ben Williams - Purchaser and Vendor