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Survey and Valuations

Surveys and Valuations Team

This is headed up by our senior surveying Partner Robert Moore who has been qualified for in excess of 30 years.  He is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) who are the largest organisation for Professionals in property, land construction and related environmental issues worldwide.


Confirming that the property you are purchasing is in good working order should be paramount in the buying process.  Surprisingly, few purchasers commission a separate survey.  The Mortgage Valuation must not be confused as being a survey as this is a simple assessment for the purposes of the lender only.  Committing to this detailed report will either give you peace of mind that the property is unlikely to cause you any significant and costly issues, or will more than pay back the initial cost by revealing potentially significant issues. A recent RICS survey of Homebuyers has revealed that approximately a fifth of purchasers are left with a property they regret buying and an average of £5,750 repair bills. These are often hidden defects and their repair may considerably outweigh the cost of the survey.


Our Surveying Department is able to offer the following services:

  • Residential Building Surveys:

These are primarily undertaken on period properties and larger modern buildings. This is a comprehensive inspection and a bespoke report with ample photographs to illustrate issues. These can be tailored to your needs with a market valuation and/or a Re-instatement cost for insurance purposes added as necessary.

  • Restricted or Structural Survey:

This is as the name suggests, an inspection and report which is restricted to the structure of the property and is particularly useful if it is clear that décor, fittings and services will need to be upgraded as part of a refurbishment programme.  

  • Homebuyers Report and Valuation Survey:

This is a RICS copyright and is a more concise report although the inspection on site is not a great deal different to that from the Building Survey.  All aspects of the property as far as is feasible will be inspected. This report intrinsically incorporates a Valuation and Re-instatement cost and is therefore particularly appropriate for purchaser’s not taking out a mortgage. These are mostly commissioned for properties from the post Victorian era onwards.

  • As the North Oxfordshire representative of Allied Surveyors we may be able to combine Mortgage Valuation and Surveys thereby saving you some further costs.
  • Schedules of Condition/Dilapidation:

These are relevant to purchasers buying commercial mostly older properties such as retail units in Victorian buildings on either a freehold basis or an F.R.I lease.

  • Valuations for Probate, Matrimonial, Tax or other private purposes
  • Leasehold Enfranchisement:

Many potential purchasers do not realise that the value of a Leasehold property can be pertinent to the length of the Lease. As this diminishes, the property may become less or unmortgageable and therefore less valuable. The cost of extension of a Lease can be considerable dependent upon type and value and is best undertaken with at least 80 years remaining although ownership for two years is a prerequisite. Many properties built in the 1960’s and 1970’s are now in need of such calculations and negotiation.

  • Party Wall Act:

If you are undertaking works close to a neighbouring property or an extension is to be built close to yours, a Party Wall Act Notice may be required dependent upon circumstances. Many of these are agreed as being acceptable however, there are circumstances where the adjacent owners to the property extending, may wish to have a Surveyor oversee the works as being adequate during the construction process. This is at the cost of the instigator and Robert can act as an “Agreed Surveyor” for both parties.  

  • Boundary Disputes:

The Land Registry does not always get the plans right, particularly if they are old, and often there are encroachments or the perception thereof and it is sometimes necessary to confirm if possible, the exact line of boundaries so that in particular, no further disputes arise and that the property can be easily sold in the future.

The majority of our work is undertaken in the geographical area covering most of Oxfordshire and parts of Warwickshire, Northamptonshire and the Cotswolds.

If you require any of these services please feel free to contact the Surveying Department on the telephone number below or via Robert’s e-mail.

Tel:    01295 271414


"We couldn't have had a better experience with Anker. From the initial valuation of our house by James, right through to exchange and completion, the team have been efficient, communicative and friendly. The top of our chain were a nightmare to deal with and Marie had to do a lot of chasing. She did everything she could to speed things along and helped keep us informed (and semi-sane!) throughout the whole process. If only all estate agents were as professional, knowledgeable and honest as Anker."
Maria Raymundo - Vendor