May 14th  2pm - 7pm

The London and Country Property show sees leading estate agents from across the county come together in Central London to exhibit some of the finest properties currently available, from quaint country cottages to palatial mansions.

Organised by the London Office in association with Country Life, hundreds of London and International property owners attend each year that are looking for a quieter pace of life in some of Britain’s most scenic postcode areas.

Each year after the event, we witness numerous potential purchasers join our mailing list and subsequently the number of viewings and sales increase across our branch network.

We believe that London money has without question influenced our local market here in North Oxfordshire, South Warwickshire and South Northants. This event represents a great opportunity for Anker and Partners to discuss real possibilities with those who are inquisitive about moving to the country, considering an investment property outside the capital or are simply looking for a different way of life.

The London property market is always moving and because of this so many country homes in this area are accessible to the City, the exhibition represents the perfect opportunity to showcase our clients' properties directly to London and International buyers and talk first-hand about what Oxfordshire has to offer.

To have your home featured at the next Move to the Country show, contact us below.

To have your property featured at this years London and Country property Show please contact us today on 01295 271414 and ask for Tom Crump or email

"I recently sold my house through Anker. Jeremy, Claire and the rest of the team could not be more helpful. The fact that I could speak to anyone within the office and they would assist me rather than having to leave a message was invaluable. Fantastic."
Clare Testa - Vendor